#3 Hay Weed

Harsh On The Lungs But Will Get You

High As A Kite, Medium Good Smell

​Recommended For Great High Factor

Wow, You Found Me, This Is The Old Mike, I Don't Smoke Weed Any More

#4 BC Skunk

My Mom Literally Thought There Was A Skunk Outside When I Had A Half Oz of This Stuff Stuck In My Matress, Even Though Its Skunk, It Still Smells Really Good, Gets You Pretty High Aswell

FYI - Kush Is Just A Bullshit Made Up Gimmick To Sell Weed To You, My Reg's Was Always Just As Good!

#2 Creeper

Very Evil Looking Plant, Creeps Up On You Within 30 Minutes & Gets You Higher As Time Goes By, Great Smell, Recommended For Long Night Partying(Might Make You Drowsy After Your 3rd To 5th Session)

God Bud Is Also Very Good, My Buddy Grew Some & It Ended Up Being His Best Batch, He Wouldn't Even Sell Me His God Bud, Recommended For New Growers, Or You Can Just Throw Some Green-O-Matic Seeds In The Dirt Behind Your Shed Like I Was Gunna Do, LoL(Acutally On Second Thought, Atleast Germinate Them)

#5 Blueberry

Very Tastey Bud To Smoke, Nice Looking Weed Aswell, Smells Great

​Very Recommended(Tangerine Is Great Aswell)

#1 Afgani

Has The Best Aroma, I Love The Smell

of This Plant, Medium Harsh Taste, Great For Cooking With, I Would Sit & Smell These Buds All Day Long...