#2 Creeper

Very Evil Looking Plant, Creeps Up On You Within 30 Minutes & Gets You Higher As Time Goes By, Great Smell, Recommended For Long Night Partying(Might Make You Drowsy After Your 3rd To 5th Session)

#4 BC Skunk

My Mom Literally Thought There Was A Skunk Outside When I Had A Half Oz of This Stuff Stuck In My Matress, Even Though Its Skunk, It Still Smells Really Good, Gets You Pretty High Aswell

#3 Hay Weed

Harsh On The Lungs But Will Get You

High As A Kite, Medium Good Smell

​Recommended For Great High Factor

#1 Afgani

Has The Best Aroma, I Love The Smell

of This Plant, Medium Harsh Taste, Great For Cooking With, I Would Sit & Smell These Buds All Day Long...

God Bud Is Also Very Good, My Buddy Grew Some & It Ended Up Being His Best Batch, He Wouldn't Even Sell Me His God Bud, Recommended For New Growers, Or You Can Just Throw Some Green-O-Matic Seeds In The Dirt Behind Your Shed Like I Was Gunna Do, LoL(Acutally On Second Thought, Atleast Germinate Them)

FYI - Kush Is Just A Bullshit Made Up Gimmick To Sell Weed To You, My Reg's Was Always Just As Good!

#5 Blueberry

Very Tastey Bud To Smoke, Nice Looking Weed Aswell, Smells Great

​Very Recommended(Tangerine Is Great Aswell)

Wow, You Found Me, This Is The Old Mike, I Don't Smoke Weed Any More