Getting Ready For The Hippies Rolling Threw

​"I Knew The Guy Was A Genius As Soon As I Saw Him"​

That's Why I Hired Him

Who'd Win Two Idiots Or One Genius?

Two Idiots! Nice Try Buster!

I Can Do Mathematics!

$10 Bucks Says He's Bluffing...

007 Goldeneye A Freaking +Classic

This Is When We Had Three Little Baby Birds Nesting With Their Mother

Still Be Carful! People Can Hack Google & Make It Say What Ever They 

               Want! Fuckin' Internet Weirdo's Trying To Poison Me!

See? How Do We Know What Were Clicking On If You Can Click On Nothing? They Can Make It So Your Clicking On Anything It Has To Be A Real Button!

Its Alive! Its Alive!

My Brother Just Got Back To England From Tenerife This Is A Video          From When I Went!  Those Volcano's Are Erupting Right Now!

I Love *Die Antwoord"!


Ahh! My Beautiful Driver Collection :D I'd Be Nothing Without My Drivers