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Skunk Haze Is The WINNER!

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With Paranoid Schizophrenia & Other Mental Disorders All You Have To Do Is Forgive Yourself...

Forgot About Dre

Under The Influence

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Afghani Kush VS TWD Indica

Drug Ballad

L Paper First Try No Lie Real Gangsters Smoke 4 Or 5 Different Kinds of Mild To Medium Marijuana Mixed Together Instead of Smoking One Super Strong Kind & Getting Paranoid This L Paper Right Here Has Cali-O, TWD Balanced, Skunk Haze & Purple Sun God In It


Guilty Conscience

Cali-O 7.5/10(L) - TWD Balanced 8.0(W)

Skunk Haze: This Is That Real Sticky Icky Icky It Has A Very Nice Aroma The High Is Slightly Dirty But Still A Good High This Is My New Favorite I'm Going To Have Fun Smoking This New Batch For The Next Couple Weeks 9.0/10

Paranoid Mike Time Machine Update

TWD Balanced

Kill You

Skunk Haze

Role Model


Paranoid Mike rap underground music social rap music old school ££$$

TWD Balanced: I've Been Smoking This For Awhile Now All My Buds Are Almost All Gone It Doesn't Get Me As High Now That I've Smoked A Lot of It The Head Ache Goes Away Completely After You Smoke A Few Joints All & All A Very Nice Bud Indeed I Would Love To Smoke It Again In The Future Any Day & Still It Has A Clean High 8.0/10

This Is How Paranoid Mike Gets To Sleep At Night A Double L Paper Spliff With All My Different Kinds of Weed Including A Pinch of Afghani Kush With Some Tobacco ;)

Afghani Kush

Fight Music