True Love From My Homies From Thunder Bay To The Avenue, I'll Bang That Gat For You, Need An Ounce of Shrooms, Make Room, I'm Coming To Your Town Too, Do You Need Proof? Well My Picture Tells The Truth, From The Floor To The Roof, Eat A Nice Canadian Goose, Women Gettin' Loose

Sittin' On The Stoop, Hope I Don't Gotta Take A Poop, Dishing Out Food In An Ice Cream Scoop, Quick Don't Shoot, Feel My Groove, I Need That Loot

Spend It All At Hooters, Drive By On A Mobile Scooter, Were Way Cooler, Than The Average Joe, We Can Go Toe To Toe, Hate When It Snows, My Buddy Up North Got A Low Low, Fuck Here Come The Po Po, Shit, I'm Jonsin

Here's Some Cartoons I Made Back In The Day On Newgrounds