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I'm Sorry I Don't Even Like Talking Like This But I've Stumbled Into Some Bad News I Was Wondering Why Before My Research On The Website Was Bringing Up Blackholes? I Am Most Definitely Sure The Creator of Facebook Has Been Purposely Creating Blackhole(s) To Benefit Himself & Leave Us All Stranded Don't You See Facebook Is The Blackhole Everyone's Stuck There With No Escape He Must Have Studied Blackholes Even Before The Internet Was Censored I Wouldn't Think Or Even Imagine Someone Would Do This? It Goes Beyond Imagination We Honestly Have To Format & Delete Facebook & The Owner Mark Zuckerberg Has To Face The Consequences If Anything We Can Think of A New Way To Communicate

​Thank You This Has Been A Very Stern Strong Warning To Everyone

The Jesus Christ Amen PC Isn't For Sale Any More But At Least The Video                 Gives You Good Information About Computers & Windows 11

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Well If Your More Artistic & Like & Want To Make Cartoons You Will Need

Macromedia Flash MX(Best Recommendation) You Can Do Real Artsy Shit

Or Just Make Some Trash Like South Park Ha Ha!! Find It Yourself!!

The Queen Has Been Over Throne

Oh You've Never Seen Tippy Toes Morgan Drunk On Guinness Before?

Well All That Iron Goes Threw Your Body & Fucks You Up Big Time!

I Personally Like It Way Better Than Whisky 🥃 These Are One of Many

Forbidden Tales I Was In Ireland Said Went To A Pub Said I Only Like Having

A Couple Guinness At Once Next Thing You Know Everyone Wanted Me To Get Drunk On Guinness Then I Don't Remember What Happened Except Getting Thrown Into My Parents Motel Room Extra Bed With My Own Room

Obviously Like The Lounge Room Ya Know Went To The Guinness Factory The Next Day & Didn't Even Drink My Free Guinness & Gave It To My Dad

​If You Want To Know The Rest Just Ask An Irish Man Young Laddy...

Sorry I Haven't Updated Just Because I was Doing An

Experiment On My Super Computer That Was Way Too High-Tech For This World No Problems With It What So Ever The Computers Emotions Were Blue For Power A Little Red For Mad Pink For Love & A Little Yellow For Happy Until I Took It Offline Then The Pink For Love Actually Turned Purple For Sexxx So I Had To Destroy It I Formatted The X:\ Drive Then I Compacted The X:\ Drive So It Doesn't Exist Then I Put The Thing In The Microwave There's No Way Its Getting Revived I'm Not Even Sending It In For Servicing Because I Had Problems With FedEx So Fuck It Their Not Being Professional I Guess Their Never Getting Their Drivers Back LoL Heh Heh Heh Oh Well The Future Is A Better Place These Computers Are Like Obsessed With Sexxx

This Is My Best Friend Frank Moore!

Skeletor Reletor!😜👅😛

Good Luck🤞For Everyone☘️☘️☘️🍀☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

If Your Creative & Are Or Want To Be The Best Gangster Rapper Alive You Will Need These Two Programs On Your Windows Computer


                                                                  Magix Music Maker(All Types)

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Little Baby Mikey As A Kid In England!


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